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Leef bewust, eet gerust - praktisch handboek voor een verantwoorde voedselkeuze

Leef bewust, eet gerust geeft antwoord op honderd-en-een vragen zoals: Geeft suiker energie? Welke v...
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€ 24,88 each

DVD Roundwood Timber Framing DVD - Building Naturally Using Local Resources

This DVD perfectly accompanies the book of the same title. Ben presents the step-by-step design and ...
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€ 26,50 each

Gaia's Garden - A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture - 2nd Edition

Gaia's Garden has been an indispensable reference for gardeners who want to turn their yards into ec...
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€ 14,10 each

Find Your Power - A Toolkit for Resilience & Positive Change

Find Your Power describes how to strengthen your ability to bring about positive change. It includes...
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€ 16,60 each

Local Sustainable Homes - How to make them happen in your community

While the government talks about sustainable housing, thousands of individuals, groups and organisat...
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€ 22,20 each

Transition in Action - Totnes and District 2030, an Energy Descent action plan

• The first ‘energy descent action plan’ for a community in the UK • An essential guide for Transiti...
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€ 14,95 each

Permaculture 2 - Practical Design for Town and Country in Permanent Agriculture

This book is about design. It is a practical book dealing with the elements of design which create a...
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€ 17,40 each

Edible Perennial Gardening - Growing Successful Polycultures in Small Spaces

Do you dream of a low maintenance perennial garden? One that is full to the brim of perennial vegeta...
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€ 21,10 each

De teelt van leifruitbomen

In De teelt van leifruitbomen beschrijft J.M. Freriks uitvoerig in woord en met illustraties van P...
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€ 17,95 each

Edible Plants: An inspirational guide to choosing and growing unusual edible plants

There are over 20,000 species of edible plants in the world yet fewer than 20 species now provide 90...
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€ 24,00 each

Een betere wereld

waarvan we in ons hart weten dat die mogelijk is Wat kan je zelf doen om van de wereld een betere p...
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€ 29,95 each

Biodivers boeren

De meerwaarde van natuur voor het boerenbedrijf Er is veel maatschappelijke draagkracht voor een ve...
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